Why Alyat?

Why Alyat?
Why an Independent Asset Manager?

Personal contact and a close relationship based on trust constitute the basis of client relations. This same trust extends to family members and crosses generations. Thus, the independent Asset Manager can undertake the coordination and the consolidation of client assets.

For such a mandate, discretion, confidence, vision and an eye to the future are essential. An independent Asset Manager can provide these qualities. The personal contact between the client and his advisor, combined with clear and transparent reports form part of this standard. Independence vis-a-vis the custodian banks makes it possible to the independent wealth manager to work only in the interest of his clients.

Why Alyat?

Independence and safety!

  • Our investment decisions are independent and made in accordance with our rigorous approach to evaluing markets.

  • Client assets are deposited in banks of the first order.

  • Our team of managers has vast international experience in all spheres of Asset Management.

Asset Management


Alyat Asset Management has since inception, aligned itself and its clients with Islamic finance.

Alyat is seeking to be a pioneering company in the provision of integrated and creative financial and investment services and solutions, in compliance with the provisions of the noble Islamic Sharia, and to meet the increasing demand for Islamic investments and products through the provision of modern creative and distinguished investment tools.

We are committed to providing added value to all our customers.

Risk Management

Alyat takes a rigorous and disciplined approach to risk management and has made significant investment in risk analytics and systems development.

From the broadest perspective we approach risk on two separate levels:
      – Fund specific risk assessment and monitoring
      – Portfolio level risk management and monitoring

As a natural extension of this, our risk management philosophy is to minimize drawdowns at both the manager and portfolio levels using a combination of qualitative factors and quantitative tools.

We believe that Risk Management is central to the investment process. For that reason each member of the investment team, from the Senior Investment Partners to the research analysts, is involved in one or more of the risk management processes.

Investment Process

The fund universe is not a simple one, but it is one that Alyat Asset Management has successfully navigated, through varying market conditions. We have an extensive network of industry contacts and a clear understanding of both how the market works, and how fund managers operate within it. This gives us the ability to manage risk effectively and deliver the results our clients’ desire. Alyat employs a disciplined and systematic research-driven investment process, which has been carefully developed and refined over many years.

Manager Selection

Manager Selection

– Quantitative and qualitative
screening of fund universe

– Proprietary screening tools
and peer group analysis

– Extensive industry contacts

– A minimum of 3 due diligence
meetings before investment

– Hundreds of new manager visits annually

Manager Monitoring

Manager Monitoring

– Top down strategy allocation based
on macro environment

– Bottom-up manager selection
and monitoring

– Portfolio optimization
and quantitative analytics

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

– Highly structured review process

– Quarterly visits by a senior member of the research team to every invested fund

– Analysts assigned to specific funds, ensuring in-depth coverage

– Watch List process ensures heightened monitoring of specific managers

Client Relationships

Types of Mandate

Portfolios managed by Alyat reflect the clients’ objectives. Risk aversion is a central element in assessing the client.

The concept of risk is often poorly made or badly perceived, it can only be truly  identified by a thorough knowledge of the client’s needs and expectations The structure of the resulting portfolio will include various complementary asset classes, such as Sukuk, stocks, Islamic funds specialist and alternative funds (hedge funds).

Alyat supports two types of management mandates:
          – Discretionary management
          – Advisory management

In the first case, asset allocation is discussed with the client and applied according to the size of the portfolio and in line with his assets.

In the second case, the client receives advice from Alyat and decides to manage his own portfolio. He sends his orders to Alyat, which directs them to the depositary bank. Alyat continues to monitor the performance of the portfolio.

The customer assets of Alyat are still deposited with first class banks, freely chosen. Alyat has no account of customers in his books.

Contractual Relationship

The tripartite relationship is between the client, the depositary bank and Alyat. The client signs a limited power of attorney enabling Alyat to manage the client funds held with the custodian bank but without the right to withdraw client funds. This mandate entitles Alyat to manage and / or transmit orders on behalf of the client.

The contractual relationship between the client and Alyat is composed of three documents:

The Management Mandates

The discretionary or non-discretionary mandates, defines the general framework in which Alyat will operate.

The Investment Objectives these objectives allow Alyat to determine the customer profile, whose main points are:

  • The currency of reference, i.e. the currency in which performance is measured by the custodian bank and / or Millennium
  • the investment profile (conservative, balanced, offensive or concerted)
  • The time horizon

The remuneration agreement determines the remuneration of Alyat. Alyat reserves the right to receive rebates from both the custodian bank and the underlying investment managers. These trailer fees are an integral part of his remuneration.

Our Partner Banks

A Beneficial Partnership

We work together with different depository banks that offer an infrastructure that allows us to realize investments for our clients. However, these banks are not involved in the investment process. We independently select the investments that we provide to our clients to meet their financial objectives.

A depository Bank

Our partner banks offer our clients a competitive and secure service with advantageous rates in comparison to other banks. They offer us one of the leading platforms in terms of deposit management.

According to our clients’ needs, we open an account in their name in one of these banks. Each client can track, at any time, the current value of their investments via secure internet access. Our clients give us a management authorization to realize investment opportunities according to the mutually defined contractual framework agreed upon in a private and personal consultation.

Your advantages 

Security: The account is opened in your name and you will have secure access to your capital at any moment through the website.

Transparency: You get direct access to your account via the internet and you can permanently consult your account status.

Advantageous Rates: You will benefit from all the discounts that we get as an independent asset manager (transaction costs, entrance fees, etc.). Also, the opening and closing of the online account is free of charge.

Through our collaboration with Swiss Banks, we can offer much more advantageous rates and conditions than one can get at other banks